AV Club is a San Francisco based algorave artist collective focused on live performance where technology itself is the instrument. We use samplers, sequencers, livecode environments, modular synths, feedback loops, generative art, microscopes, & more to make sights and sounds you haven't encountered before but will want to experience again.

Want to get involved? Start by joining our Discord! Send us a DM on Instagram and we'll message you an invitation.


Algorithmic Art Assembly
Algorithmic Art Assembly March 10, 2022

Explore code based art in the opening night of the Algorithmic Art Assembly at Gray Area (SF), including talks and performances by AV Club members.

Symmetry Algorave Poster
Symmetry Algorave December 11, 2021
AV Club Livecode Workshop Poster
Livecode Workshop December 5, 2021
AV Club Livecode Algo-kickback Poster
Algo-Kickback July 22, 2021